Thank you for your interest in joining the DÄS NINE Team. In an attempt to expand our reach we are looking for exceptional people who can dedicate a certain amount of time on brand exposure & sales.

  1. You will be able to use all of our media to promote products.
  2. You will be provided with your own promo code that your clients  will be able to type in at checkout to receive your 10% off & keep track of your sales.
  3. You will receive a percentage of EVERY product that you sell. You will receive a higher percentage for selling higher ticket items. 
  4. The percentage rate will be from 20-30%
    - $100.00 sale you receive $25.00
    - $150.00 you will receive $50.00

    - $300.00 you will receive $100.00
  5. There will be plenty room to grow with us & we of course will be more keen to promote from within. If you have any other special skills that you feel you can bring to the table please advise us!
If interested, please reach out via Let us know when you would like to get started and we will generate a code for you.