Deutsche Atherischen Stil - German Ethereal Style 

EST. 2017

Luxury Leather Company Specializing in bags, accessories & interiors. Launched in 2017 in Atlanta, GA. Now Relocated to Los Angeles, CA. Focusing on luxury memorbilia like items to express lifestyle. We strive to provide exceptional craftsmanship on all of our handmade novelties while providing amazing quality with our factory made items. Providing both natural cowhide and vegan leather options for every customer. 

Hand Made Craftsmanship

Pillar of Luxury. We pride ourselves on using 100% natural cowhide leather on all of our items individually being crafted one by one by us. No machine involved. This creates a 1/1 novelty type item; as no piece could ever be re-created exactly in the same way twice. Cowhide leather has been used for centuries & if taken care of can last 5 years to a decade.